apaiser is a designer and manufacturer of luxury bathware made from apaiserMARBLE - a luxurious non-porous marble material enriched with Australian minerals. Each piece of apaiser bathware is hand-crafted by a team of highly experienced masters in our ateliers. apaiser's offer combines excellent design with freedom of choice - from the custom design of Bath Couture, to the adaptive Made-to-Measure and the curated Collections. Recognised as the world’s leading luxury marble bathware, with its unique ability to create bespoke pieces allowing designers the freedom to bring their imagination to life - apaiser is selected to enhance beautiful hotels and stunning resorts.

Website: www.apaiser.com

Contact Address: marketing@apaiser.com

Product Showcase

Soka Bath


The SOKA collection overall celebrates the interplay of clean, rigorous lines ergonomically applied in a perfect fusion of form and function. A shallow tray and separate shelves are a standout design component across the collection, that includes baths with and without shelving, basins and vanities featuring a practical tray element.

Allegra Basin


The Allegra collection embodies refined elegance and sophistication. Modern lines, and timeless influences merge seamlessly to create a collection which optimises comfort and exemplifies everlasting style. Designed to complement the bath, the Allegra basin celebrates smooth lines and perfect proportions.

Sampan Bath


The Sampan collection, entrenched in local history, combines functionality with elegance. It is a symphony of clean lines and geometry, adorned with subtle detail – such as infinity overflow, polished and textural surfaces. The result is architectural in its simplicity.