Autex Pty Ltd

Autex Pty Ltd

From our humble beginnings as a manufacturer of carpet underlays, we’re now celebrating our golden anniversary as a global leader in the development and manufacture of acoustics and insulation products. From our high quality interior acoustics used in schools, theatres and office buildings to deliver a more peaceful space, with superior sound clarity, to our insulation keeping the Australian homes and businesses healthy and dry, our commitment to the highest quality product has never faltered.


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Discover the limitless design flexibility of Autex Cube™ ; a lightweight and semi-rigid panel that has sound absorbing properties. Designed with solid colour throughout, Cube™ has the potential to be used in a large array of spatial design and interior solutions.

Quietspace® 3D Tiles

Quietspace® 3D Tile is a modular acoustic wall tile designed to create a contemporary finish and add simple and effective acoustic control to any interior environment. Lightweight and semi-rigid; Quietspace® 3D Tile redefines sustainable design whilst reducing reverberated sound and controlling background noise.

Frontier™ Acoustic Fins

Frontier™ revolutionises what it means to have beautifully designed acoustics. With modular fins that can be arranged and spaced in countless formations, Frontier™ is available in five styles and is designed for targeted sound absorption for the commercial, education and hospitality sectors.