Corporate Initiatives

Corporate Initiatives

Ci is a knowledge-based company dedicated to enhancing the human experience of technology. In the workplace context, this goes beyond enabling collaboration and productivity to improving the overall experience of place. Their responsive workplace IoT platform covers wellness factors and various other aspects to ensure much higher user acceptance of modern agile design. Ci is also highly expert in large format LED display, a category with fast growing application to commercial buildings both indoors and outdoors. Recently this activity has extended further to include facilitating screen content such as curated art or bespoke. It’s a total service.

Notable Projects: Recent workplace projects include Red Energy’s Bryant & May building fit-out, Telstra Customer Insight Centres, and Transurban’s national workplace rollout (ongoing). Other long-term customers include major banks, miners, universities and CSIRO. LED display projects include Yagan Square, AFC Adelaide, MCG/Etihad, QUT Interactive Wall, Emporium, numerous shopping centres and corporate lobbies.


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Ci Responsive Workplace Technology

Mapiq,Habitat, WXP

As part of responsive technology, Ci can offer Australian designers access to world leading practitioners Mapiq of the Netherlands, the team behind The Edge project. The inclusion of responsive technology increases a workplace design's chances of user acceptance substantially. Every workplace designer therefore needs to understand its role.

Ci Digital Display

VideroLED, Samsung, NEC, LG, Sony, Unilumin, Hitachi, Philips

Ci Digital Display includes the most comprehensive range of large format LED screens in Australia. Indoor or outdoor, flexible or rigid, from tight pixel pitch to ultra wide, Ci can provide the right LED product for each specific application. Of particular interest is custom LED display for commercial architecture.

Ci Screen Content Services, Bengar Films and more

Enabling screen content is yet another Ci service. This can be for curated content via, the internationally recognised platform for new digital media, or by access to talented Australian production houses like Bengar Films for site specific custom artwork. Content is what makes displays interesting. Designers should therefore get involved.