CSR: AFS Systems

CSR: AFS Systems

For over 20 years, AFS permanent formwork walling systems have facilitated the efficient installation of load-bearing walls in multi-residential and commercial projects throughout Australia. AFS’ rediwall® pvc and logicwall® fibre cement permanent formwork systems offer rapid installation, consistent high quality finishes, and a long-life alternative to slower conventional construction methods. These lightweight permanent formwork solutions offer ease of materials handling as they aren’t crane dependent culminating in accelerated construction times as a result of faster floor-to-floor cycles – all whilst significantly reducing on-site waste.

Website: www.afsformwork.com.au

Contact Address: afssales@csr.com.au

Product Showcase

afs logicwall®

AFS Logicwall® is a fibre cement-based permanent formwork system consisting of lightweight sandwich panels created by bonding hard-wearing CSR Cemintel® fibre-cement sheeting against galvanised steel stud frames. Logicwall® panels are load bearing but lightweight enough for manual installation and provide consistently flat, true surfaces delivering high quality finishes.

afs rediwall®

AFS Rediwall® is a pvc permanent formwork system and a time-saving alternative to conventional masonry and blockwork. Its precision-extruded components easily interconnect for rapid installation. AS3600 complaint, rediwall® is load bearing for multi-level structures providing a consistently clean, even and water-resistant surface that often doesn't require any further finishing.