Cube and Circle

Cube and Circle

Cube and Circle is Australia’s exclusive distributor of renowned Scandinavian furniture and lighting companies Swedese, Cuero Design and Lawa Design. Cube and Circle operates from a showroom in Sydney’s Waterloo Design Centre, and distributes to high end residential and commercial clients across Australia. These three furniture companies focus their efforts into creating designs with the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail, and which have been known to last across generations. Swedese and Cuero’s pieces also have potential for customisation, with a variety of finishes and leathers, and an immense range of fabrics supplied by Danish textiles company Kvadrat.

Notable Projects: Sophie's Hill Vineyard - Karrawatta, TV House - Kensington Curvy, Grand Designs Australia Magazine,


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Product Showcase

Button Sofa

Front / Swedese

The Button Sofa was the winner of Furniture of the Year 2017 at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. It is acclaimed for its use of customisation to adapt to its user’s own personality, with wooden buttons enabling users to attach accessories and give the sofa additional functionality.

Spin Barstool

Staffan Holm / Swedese

Winner of the Carpenter’s Challenge, the complex Spin Barstool is the epitome of fine craftsmanship, with each piece hand made in Sweden and all edges fused seamlessly together. The wood veneered legs are carefully bent into three dimensions to create an impressive appearance from any angle.

Cartoon Chair

GamFratesi / Swedese

Inspired by a child's drawing, the Cartoon Chair beautifully combines cartoon-like proportions and elegant Scandinavian design to create a truly unique piece. Asymmetrical buttons give the Cartoon Chair a quirky character, while the strong wooden frame brings it to a refined balance.