Elevar – Adjustable Workspaces

Elevar – Adjustable Workspaces

Elevar provides quality workstations and accessories Australia wide through an extensive dealer network. Years of design and development have gone into our finished products to ensure high quality, reliability, and above all a high level of trust from the end user. Our range is modular, solutions based, easy to install, and user friendly. We are committed to ensuring our customers have access o the latest in commercial workplace products, underlined with expert support and timely delivery. Elevar is raising the standard in the Australian commercial furniture market.

Website: www.elevar.com.au

Contact Address: sales@elevar.com.au

Product Showcase

Elevar Electric Workstations


The Elevar electric series of height adjustable desks promote a more balanced and healthy lifestyle in the workplace. You can trust the reliability and quality of our products as we are one of the few electric desks certified by AFRDI. Backed by a 10 Year warranty.