Flinkspace is your local supplier of Swiss designed and made Moving Walls - the original mobile, magnetic and writable surface popping up in agile, flexible working spaces all over the globe. This high-end, cleverly designed office tool is the perfect addition to your workplace or creative hub – enabling ideas to flow and project teams flourish. A huge canvas capable of clipping together to form reconfigurable walls, the large, dry erasable and magnetic surface creates flexible spaces for collaboration, agile working methods and mobile space design.

Notable Projects: ANZ Bank - Christchurch and Melbourne, ARUP - Melbourne, Estia Health - Melbourne, Swiss Post - Bern, PWC - Frankfurt, World Economic Forum - Geneva

Website: www.flinkspace.com

Contact Address: hello@flinkspace.com

Product Showcase

Moving Wall

Jörg Boner

Moving Walls are A-frame writable, magnetic surfaces which can be fixed together to form straight, curved or serpentine lines - the ultimate collaboration tool! Highly mobile with storage below, Moving Walls provide flexibility for teams to reconfigure their space.

Moving Acoustic Panel

Jörg Boner

The Moving Acoustic Panel can be hooked over the Moving Wall, or on a fixed wall using our Moving Rail System to support a pleasant room atmosphere while simultaneously serving as a pinboard.

Moving Panel

Jörg Boner

The magnetic, writeable Moving Panel is a versatile tool and the ideal extension of the mobile whiteboard Moving Wall. The wafer-thin, frameless panel is available in two functional sizes and can effortlessly be attached to the Moving Wall or on a fixed wall using our Moving Rail System.