Mafi Australia

Mafi Australia

Mafi offers a wide range of natural wood floors with over 15 different species of timber and various natural oil finishes. Each floor features a unique construction ensuring no warping or cupping, and a hard wearing surface ideal for both commercial and residential application. All mafi floors are 100% chemical free and promote improved indoor air quality. Mafi offers a very innovative range of textured and carved timbers as well as end grain flooring and curved timbers. Also keep a look out for Kebony Decking and Corkart Flooring at the Mafi stand.

Notable Projects: The Riley by SJB in Darlinghurst Brick House by Andrew Burges Architects in Bondi Roscommon House by Neil Cownie Architect in WA The Working Capitol by Hassell Studio in Singapore


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Mafi Wood Floors

Mafi floorboards are 100% chemical free and promote a healthy indoor environment. Guaranteed over underfloor heating and in bathrooms, Mafi's superior three-layer solid wood construction prevents warping or cupping and ensures longevity. The all natural oil finish strengthens the floor and enhances the look and feel of natural wood.

Kebony Decking

Developed in Norway, the Kebony® technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process that enhances the properties of sustainable softwood with a bio-based liquid. The process permanently modifies the wood cell walls giving Kebony premium hardwood characteristics. After exposure to the elements the wood develops a natural silver-grey patina.

CORKART Flooring

In a world of environmental awareness, CORKART uses cork, an environmental friendly, renewable and sustainable material to create warm, comfortable and luxurious interior decorating styles that will fit any home.