We are a leading provider of workplace, contract, hospitality and educational furniture. As people, it’s no secret that we are sensitive to our surroundings. That’s why at P4 we see our purpose as improving the lives of people with an artfully curated collection of human centred brands and products. We work closely with you to identify exactly what you want and need, and commit ourselves to delivering this and more. We earn customer partnerships by delivering superior, collaborative customer experiences. Simply just selling product isn’t our thing. We work to inspire, support and encourage the creative vision of our clients with the knowledge of our vast design community. Let’s start a conversation.

Notable Projects: P4 is proud to have worked with many world leading organisations including: Google, Gordon Legal, Telstra, RMIT, NAB, University of Sydney, Westpac, Optus and Commonwealth Bank.

Website: www.p4.design

Contact Address: hello@p4.design

Product Showcase


Bernstrand & Borselius | Bla Station

A sofa system providing almost unlimited options, constructed using the smallest possible number of modules. Where ordinary sofas are usually rectangular, square and predictable, Bob offers the architectonic freedom to either challenge or adhere to all types of spaces.


Stone Designs | Bla Station

Offering the perfect solution for extra-storage, Pocket is great for learning environments, busy public spaces such as hotel lobbies, waiting areas or bars and restaurants. Pocket will also keep things neat and tidy at the office and compliments any workplace collaboration zone or casual meeting space.


Stone Designs | Bla Station

Ginkgo is an attractive sound-absorbing solution that combines Japanese tradition with a contemporary European perspective. Ginkgo can be a cloudy sky in winter or a forest ablaze with colour during the autumn. Merely by changing the colours, this simple shape can bring different inspirational landscapes into your indoor environment.