DECO leads the Australian market in photo imaging (sublimation) finishing technology for aluminium in the architectural, design and building industries. DECO also offers a range of expertly-designed architectural building products, all featuring our exclusive DecoWood or DecoArt finishes.

Notable Projects: Westbourne Green Square Horizontal Battens Sydney Airport suspended ceiling concrete battens at Virgin Terminal Newslink Edmonson Park Child Care Oporto Lansvale featuring DecoClad LuLu Lemon store in Pitt Street, Sydney.


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DecoClad is the ultimate in exterior cladding. Pairing aluminium’s proven strength and durability with a Super Durable powder coating such as DecoWood, DecoClad meets all needs. Use it horizontally for the traditional weatherboard look, gable ends and facades, or vertically as a contemporary feature.


Achieve effortless architectural style with the cool, clean and contemporary lines of DecoBatten. Aluminium battens replicate the form, feel and appearance of luxurious timber with the Super Durable DecoWood powder coating. Use smaller DecoBattens vertically for a floating fence, or create a statement piece with oversized beams.


A one of a kind aluminium splashback system, DecoSplash offers total creative freedom. Choose from 100+ designs and images from the DecoSplash range or use your own.