europanel fabricate bespoke acoustic panelling for truly unique and sensory spaces, backed by acoustic testing certification from RMIT for acoustic consultants to model the exact level of ‘sound absorption’ required for every project. Renowned for our attention to detail and ability to work collaboratively with designers and builders to deliver quality outcomes and every project shop drawn in 3D we’ve been elevated to a supplier of choice. Every project we undertake is unique, but our products are ideal for offices, restaurants, clubs, libraries, schools, hospitals, aged care and health facilities, auditoriums, airports and public spaces of any size and scale

Notable Projects: 2 Southbank Blvd, Ice Cave, 65 Berry St, 360 Collins St, ACS Barangaroo, ANZ retail branches


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Have a look at our new solid timber product in three profiles; square, convex and concave.

Custom suspended ceilings