HouseLab is an innovative new system for builders, developers, architects, designers, real estate agents. Warranties, manuals, plans, permits, paint colours, key contact details can be uploaded to a secure, branded online hub and then handed over —elegantly, sustainably and simply. Includes systems to support defect management and periodic servicing. HouseLab’s Digital Handover Kits solve problems for you on every residential handover you make, whether it’s a single home or a multi-residential development.

Notable Projects: HouseLab’s Digital Handover Kits are used in prestige residential projects around Australia such as the 78 Apartments in Neometro’s Jewell Station, Porter Davis homes, Nightingale 1&2, Modscape projects and many others. Special Offer: Free first handover to any business that requests a meeting.


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Digital Handovers

Ideal for multi-residential projects, save money by avoiding duplicating and handling hard-copy records. Create a corporate archive of every project you handle.

Defect Management

Manage defects across one or multiple projects. Analytics dashboard for quick status update.

Home Management

Provides owners with a permanent archive of warranty and contact information for appliances. Owners can readily update information to manage renovations or ongoing maintenance.