Interface Australia

Interface Australia

Interface, Inc. is a global flooring company specialising in modular carpet and resilient flooring that is carbon neutral, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring. We help our customers create high-performance interior spaces that support well-being, productivity, and creativity, as well as the sustainability of the planet. Our mission, Climate Take Back™, invites you to join us as we commit to operating in a way that is restorative to the planet and creates a climate fit for life.

Notable Projects: Barangaroo, ICC, Mirvac Head Quarters – 200 George St, Department of Human Services, Flight Centre Head Quarters.

Product Showcase

Look Both WaysTM


Look Both Ways is Interface’s new global collection of carpet and LVT patterns combining Zen-like purity with playfulness. Fusing purpose and function with your intention, these styles create landscapes that perform and delight in infinite ways. Concrete and confetti. Plush and flat. Carpet and LVT. Celebrate the mix!

Drawn Lines


Drawn Lines LVT is a distinct pattern that incorporates biophilic elements. Inspired by the world of natural fractal repetitions, Drawn Lines offers a geometric twist on woven textures. Its fine matrix of intersecting lines with soft areas of light and dark gives a prismatic effect in an array of scales.

noraplan® uni

nora by Interface

A long-standing design favourite for its simplicity and versatility, long-lasting performance is just the beginning for noraplan uni. Ideal as a stand-alone solution for both open-spaces and smaller rooms, noraplan uni is at its creative best when its wide range of colours are combined in original inlays and custom patterns.