For over a century, Wilkhahn has been passionate about producing high-quality, dynamic and socio-ecologically responsible collaborative furniture especially crafted for the evolving workplace. Our award-winning products provide exceptional flexibility, privacy and portability, and are also recognised globally as design benchmarks for the entire industry. Governed by the principles of Bauhaus, and the Ulm School of Design, Wilkhahn’s design philosophy stresses functionality, aesthetics, innovation with environmental responsibility, and the aim to create products which are modern and valid.

Product Showcase

AT Ergonomic Chair

Wilkhahn's free-2-move concept powered by Trimension® is a global benchmark for healthy, three-dimensional sittng. With a variety of models and customisable features, the AT family is a smart all-rounder amongst Wilkhahn free-2-move ranges. The AT chair features automatic weight adjustment and comes with tilt capability. AT’s modern aesthetic also sets a new standard in office chairs: all crossover points have been carefully modelled down to the last details, so that the frame’s structure appears seamless. Picking white for the seat and backrest shell and frame components increases the choice of designs for different environments and conjures up especially fresh looks with an almost home-like appeal.

Mobile Timetable Lift

Timetable Lift taps into new opportunities for innovation spaces and huddle rooms. These tables aren’t just mobile, combinable and nest compactly into one another, but also add flexibility in terms of height. Electrically adjustable in height from 73 cm to 139 cm, they’re perfect for hot desking where people both sit and stand and an excellent choice for scalable seminar and project spaces where different postures are often adopted and for spacious multipurpose meeting and presentation spaces.

Pommel Horse Seat “Sitzbock”

The innovative pommel horse seat “Sitzbock” invites passersby to take a break and use it in all sorts of ways. Just like a real horse, you can sit astride or ride “side saddle” or use it to lean on. Available in four colours and just 4.8 kg in weight, they’re easy to place in groups for spontaneous meet-ups. Anyone preferring a little more comfort can add a non-slip felt saddle blanket that comes in anthracite, graphite, mango or a light mottled hue and adds extra splashes of colour. Positioned in casual groups, the pommel horse seats create an atmosphere that’s just as playful as it is ergonomic and invites interaction.