• 29-30 August 2019
  • Barangaroo | Sydney

Decoding Acoustics – Sound Transmission and Absorption presented by CSR: Gyprock

Friday, 10 August, 12:30 PM
FRONT Presentation Theatre

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Decoding Acoustics explores the impact of noise in architecture, honing in on the difference between transmission and absorption strategies in noise control, and key considerations for designers. The session will leave you with an understanding of:
◦ The principles behind sound and noise
◦ How noise may propagate into and within a building
◦ The key differences between the way sound behaves indoors versus outdoors
◦ When transmission or absorption techniques may be preferable in noise control
◦ The application of building design techniques and materials to support acoustics



Scott Clarkson

Scott Clarkson

CSR: Gyprock