• 29-30 August 2019
  • Barangaroo | Sydney

Healthy Homes – exploring the next wave of residential wellness by Delos

Friday, 30 August, 4:00 PM
FRONT CPD Theatre North

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The way we think, feel and behave is directly influenced by our surroundings – on average, we spend about 90% of our lives indoors, and research tell us that genetics account for as little as 10% of overall health outcomes, while 70% is determined by our physical and social environments. As builders and designers, we can shape how and where we live to better adapt to the human condition – it’s time to start thinking of real estate as more than four walls and a roof and as an opportunity to inject health and wellbeing into our homes. Award-winning interior designer Shaynna Blaze will shine the light on the unseen health problems inside the average Australian home and explore solutions to improve our living environments through new residential wellness innovations set to fundamentally change the Australian property market.