• 29-30 August 2019
  • Barangaroo | Sydney

Understanding Glass Performance & Behaviour presented by CSR: Viridian

Friday, 10 August, 11:00 AM
FRONT Presentation Theatre

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Designing glass has never been more involved than at the present time. With so many requirements such as aesthetics, structural, energy compliance, comfort, fitness for purpose plus the numerous products currently available, this has made the selection of appropriate glazing a complex process.Viridian is a leader in the manufacture and supply of glazing solutions and can offer their expertise to assist their industry partners to navigating through this complex process.

This presentation will:

  • Explain the meaning of common glazing terminology – including which terms are required for compliance.
  • Look at glass types, how glass behaves and the hierarchy of products from least to highest performance.
  • Explain what Low E glass is, how it is applied and where Low E coating should be positioned for optimum performance.
  • Look at the cost implications of various glass types.
  • Explain common commercial frame types and how they perform.
  • Explain a variety of glass treatments, some required for BCA compliance, structural, thermal safety and some for fit for purpose.


Con Kantis

Con Kantis

CSR: Viridian