• 29-30 August 2019
  • Barangaroo | Sydney


Max Thomson

Max Thomson Founder, Spitfire Control

Max Thomson is the founder of Spitfire Control; a project management company focused on guiding complex commercial projects through the battlefield of exceeded expectations and missed opportunities. Max’s professional background in design and practical experience in construction means he brings pragmatism to projects while his pathologically short attention span means things get done with minimal fuss. Max has led design teams on some of Australia’s largest fitouts, spoken at industry forums, and was the chair of group that prepared the original Green Star Office Fitout tool. These days he flies solo at Spitfire Control trying to keep up.

“Tell me if this is too silly?”

Thursday, 9 August, 10:30 AM FRONT Design Forum Theatre
Thursday, 9 August, 4:30 PM FRONT Presentation Theatre